Your Best Friend Will Love Plush Toys


Take a look at your dog’s toy bin. What do you see? Most likely an abundance of plush dog toys. You know, the really soft and squeaky ones. Most likely in the shape of an alligator or monkey; maybe even a dinosaur. You play fetch, or tug of war all the time with your doggo and maybe your furry friend even sleeps with one right by their side. That’s because they are a favorite!


Plush toys have been proven a favorite not only by the pet industry but by our pets who know tried and true plush toys are a staple in any home. It’s just like in the movie Best in Show. Where the Weimaraner is about to perform, but absolutely cannot because his owners misplaced her favorite toy, “Busy Bee”. That’s how we feel about our plush toys at PawCrew. We have to have them!


As squishy and plush as they are, the best part about plush toys is they can go just about anywhere. From a short car ride to a long trip, they are easy to throw into your bag! Not only are they easy to travel with, plush toys often serve your dog comfort. Like a teddy bear to a small child. Soft, cuddly, and cozy, it is all a reminder to your pup that everything is going to be alright. 


Growing up, I had a black lab named Allie. She was the master of tearing stuffing out of toys in .2 seconds. Stuffing covered our entire house, but it was alright because we all knew Allie LOVED gutting all of her plush toys. And that’s alright! Dogs love to play rough and tough with those things. We are all here for it!


Our plush toys come with several variations of squeakers. We have the traditional “squeak”, as well as “grunterz” sounds. Check out our duck toys! Zippy Paws recently came out with a fun plush toy for dogs called the Burrow Collection. The burrows hold smaller plush toys that dogs can pull in and out all day long. The smaller toys are fun to throw and play fetch with. Plush toys come in various shapes and sizes to fit your dog’s size. They even come in everyday items such as popcorn, pineapple, footballs, donuts; you name it! 


Don’t be afraid to treat your dog with one of our spectacular plush toys. We have a wide selection! Feel free to check it out here.

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