5 Must Haves For Hiking With Dogs


If you’re like us, we love taking our pup everywhere we go. Hiking is one of our favorite past times and we are always out exploring new trails. Here are our 5 favorites we take when hiking with our dog!


1. ZippyPaws Adventure Bowl

Dogs Need Plenty of water when out on the trails. It is often hot and with their thick coats, they need to continuously be drinking cold water. With the ZippyPaws Adventure Bowl. your dog will easily be able to stay hydrated. 

These bowls fold up for minimal storage space and come in a variety of colors. Lightweight and able to hold over 20 ounces of water, you will love these bowls as much as your best friend! 

2. ZippyPaws Climbers Leash

These leashes are fantastic for hiking! They are lightweight, colorful, and comfortable to hold. They are made from real climbers rope and tested tensile strength of 1000 pounds. The heavy duty snap hook makes it easy to put it on and off, and an extra tough design makes it last for a long time! 

The 6 foot leash length is great for hiking. It gives your dog freedom while keeping them close by, especially on narrow trails. 

3. Nite Ize LED Spotlit Carabiner

Keeping an eye on your pup become much easier with the Nite Ize LED Spotlit that clips right to your dogs collar. With multiple light colors, these help you know where your pup is, especially at night. It also helps others see your dog, too! Keep them safe with these LED Spotlits!

4. Bags on Board Pick-up Bags and Bone Dispenser 

Sometimes a dog has to go! No problem with the Bags on Board pick-up bags. With 30 bags (2 rolls of 15), you're sure to always have a bag handy. With the easy bone dispenser and bag holder, securely keep these bags on your leash or backpack!

5. ZippyPaws Adventure Car Hammock

After a long day of exploring, it's easy for your pup to get dirty! With the ZippyPaws Adventure Car Hammock, protect your seats and keep them clean. These hammocks fit most cars, are water resistant, and have seat belt slits for buckle accessories. Keep your dog safe and your car clean! 


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  • Josh Foote
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