4 Reasons You and Your Best Friend Will Love Stuffing Free Toys

4 Reasons You and Your Best Friend Will Love Stuffing Free Toys

No stuffing toys are some of the best sellers on PawCrew.com, and for good reason. Stuffing free toys present a new interactive play experience for dogs of all sizes thanks to new shapes, textures and sounds. Below is a list why you and your pup will love no stuffing toys.


  1. Mess Free Playing


We’ve all been there; your best friend gets a new toy and before long it rips open and gets stuffing everywhere. Messes are no fun, but thanks to stuffing free toys you can avoid the mess altogether! In addition to these toys being extremely fun for your pup the leave a no mess if they get opened up. A win for you and a win for your best friend!


  1. Long Lasting, Extra Tough


Every no stuffing toy we carry at PawCrew.com is tested to be extra tough. Extra tough toys often use stronger more durable materials and double stitching just to name a few. Put these differences together and these toys are great for aggressive chewers and last for a long time to keep everyone happy. Now were not saying these toys are indestructible, but we are saying they will last much longer than regular toys. The best part about extra tough toys is there similar feel to other toys. They are much stronger but feel the same for your dog.


  1. Play Time!


We have taken note of the great response we receive from no stuffing toys. The colors sounds and shapes of stuffing free toys are often different than stuffed toys, which leads to new territory for your pup and keeps them interested for a long time. There are so many stuffing free toys to choose from, your best friend will always have something new to check out!


  1. Interactive


Stuffing free toys often have different insides. Some have ropes, some have squeakers, and all are tons of fun! With such a wide variety of toys, your pup will love all that they have to offer. Whether a good game of tug-of-war or a nice Donutz toy, you’ll have hours of play time with your pup!


If you’ve never tried stuffing free toys give them a shot. You and your pup are both going to love them for the above reasons and so many more! PawCrew.com has a huge selection of no stuffing toys with free shipping on orders $39 and over or a flat rate of only $3.95 for orders under $39! As always, supervise your pets during play time. If any toy become damaged, discontinue use immediately and replace the toy. 


Check out Stuffing Free toys at PawCrew.com!

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